Our Brand Ambassadors

Bring Us To Your School

As an Ambassador of CampusCash you will be presenting our visions to many different entities and people with varying levels of knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency and block chain. You must be ready to communicate with, and in turn, answer questions from, all different facets of the campus community. To assist our Ambassadors in fulfilling their duties, we have separated potential users into four different Target Tiers. Each will have correlating outlines that enable our Ambassadors to properly present our vision to members of that tier. 

Don’t imagine it difficult. With our Ambassador Guide, it’s easy and transparent for everyone.



Become a Brand Ambassador

Our Ambassador Program consists of students who are all working together to spread the CampusCash vision.

Level 1 Brand Ambassadors

Rachel Green

Level 2 Brand Ambassadors

Dennis Richie

Level 3 Brand Ambassadors


Senior Ambassadors

Title Name Qualifications
Lead Frank Reuter Team Member
Lead Jerimiah Cook Team Member
Lead MelonHead Team Member
Lead Michal Žídek Team Member


CampusCash needs you!

Our Ambassador Program consists of students, just like you, located on campuses across the globe who are all working together to spread the CampusCash vision.

Reward System

These minimum rewards* can be earned by completing the following:

  • 10 TIP per CampusCash App sign-up
  • 50 TIP per business integration
  • 500 TIP per school integration

Code of Conduct

Ambassadors are expected to be socially and ethically responsible towards peers and in general as well. The social and ethical codes of conduct are to be followed on and off-campus premises.

Every new ambassador is obliged to act according to the complete CCash code of conduct. The following are the key point of social and ethical responsibilities for an ambassador.

– Service orientation
– Social justice
– Dignity
– Worth of the person
– Importance of human relationships
– Integrity, and competence
– Honesty

Ambassador Recruitment

As an Ambassador of CampusCash, you are responsible for the recruitment of new users within your campus community. To promote recruitment efforts, Ambassadors will have access to our Ambassador Rewards Levels system which is designed to compensate you for acquiring new CampusCash users.