Meet our Team

Our CampusCash Team Network

Our team came together out of an interest in the matter itself.
We take in the thoughts and ideas of the community and get them rolling.

We are atypically tied to one another, but we are specialized and able to take the necessary steps from below without building on leadership lines. Our team network also consists of testers, supporters as well as reviewers and extends to the last corner of our project. The first phases of the CCash project development were possible thanks to donations from the team members.

We build this project voluntarily and with full conviction.

Our Team Motto: TRIP
Transparency Respect Integrity Patience

Michal Žídek
Mobile App Developer
Community Management
Frank Reuter
Finance and Public Relations
Jerimiah Cook
Main Developer

The Fairest Team On Campus

Title Name Team Position
Lead Jerimiah Cook Main Developer
Lead MelonHead
Community Manager
Lead Michal Žídek Mobile App Developer
Lead Frank Reuter Finance and Public Relations

Want to get Involved?

We are always looking for friendly people on this earth who want to support us.

We are open to the things that will come and move us all.

We have opportunities to reward teamwork when it is beneficial to the CCash cause and our community.