About our Project

CampusCash is a peer-to-peer network that uses a cryptocurrency on a distributed ledger technology.
We offer free applications of blockchain with which trust can be created and useful projects can be built in the campus world itself.

The CampusCash team and the community want to do something practical using blockchain technology. The team knows that it can difficult be on campus and in college these days. That is why the team came up with the idea of how the students can do their daily and important things freely, without hurry and with confidence. With this in mind, they develop multifunctional applications that can be used completely free of charge, in the trustworthy CCash Ledger.


The CampusCash team and the community want to do CampusCash does not have large hash encryption. They made it possible to take part in mining and staking on any student’s GPU and cell phone. The project is getting greener due to the expiring POW function and the securing of the network with added master nodes. They try to do everything that is right for the students and their interactions, and that they can be successfully achieved their desire income and own projects.

CampusCash would have campus ambassadors who act for their advertising and spread the word about them with a reward system for these supporters. You will contact the universities and partners on campus to make use of them in all areas possible. So that the app can be used for you and students at universities and with service providers.

This contact with partners as well as universities and the ambassador program would be an ongoing process that is endless and allows us all to develop.

CampusCash offers benefits that are not obtainable using fiat currencies.

CampusCash, Community Voice

Our CampusCash Team

Michal Žídek
Mobile App Developer
Community Management
Frank Reuter
Finance and Public Relations
Jerimiah Cook
Main Developer