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CCash offers free blockchain applications that can be used to establish trust and build useful projects and connections in the campus world by anyone independently.

Our Mission

With CampusCash applications, all people can connect with each other and with various institutions. The independent establishment of trusted interactions in the CCash network, during the educational life is enabled free of charge for all participants.

All users of CampusCash are rewarded and can earn various types of income as well as benefits, or promote the engagement of project participants with CampusCash.

Our Features

Learning Classroom Tutoring

NFTs as documents, training materials, homework, degrees

Education and cost of living

Ambassador Rewards and passive Interest income for all users


CCash Marketplaces for School utensils and privat tutoring.


Mobile applications for your own projects, safe communication and trustworthy applications

Campus Ambassador Process


Start your own Projects on the Blockchain

Elections, fundraisers, tournaments, trustworthy, tamper-proof, without necessary third parties

Become an Ambassador to earn Rewards

Earn CCash rewards no matter where you are exchange CCash into different currencies

Earn interest (passive income)

Through staking options or delegation of CCash tokens

Connect with your campus and friends

Real-time message writing on the blockchain

NFTs newly applied

Documents NFTs in your educational world certificates, homework, degrees, presentations

CCash Smart Contracts

The CCash marketplace for school courses and training materials freelancer offers for tutoring

Applications based on XRP Ledger technology

Unchangeable, secure, transparent for all participants

A free communtity project with benefits for all members and supporters

Living CCash Whitepaper

The world keeps turning and so does our whitepaper.

Check out all of our CCash videos. These show our visions and opportunities to simplify and make life independent in the campus world.

Campus Cash

CampusCash Wallets

Please note, we currently only show our QT wallets from former CCash POW/POS systems.
Future CCash wallets based on the XRPL are still under development.

Mobile Wallet

Coming Soon

Plus mobile device
Plus mobile device
Plus mobile device
Plus mobile device

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