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Become a Brand Ambassador

Our Ambassador Program consists of students who are all working together to spread the CampusCash vision.

Our Mission

CampusCash is a peer-to-peer network that uses a cryptocurrency on a distributed ledger technology.

We make fast payments, support information and education, as well as life between trainees, students and their schools and the surrounding area worldwide.

The specific uses of NFTs and sidechains as well as the storage of documents on the CCash blockchain will offer everyone a broad user experience.

We offer free applications of blockchain with which trust can be created and useful projects can be built in the campus world itself.

Campus Cash Project Details

CampusCash Wallets

Do you want to get started in CampusCash? Simply download one of our CampusCash Wallets for your operating system.  If you are an android or iOS user, please have a look at our Mobile App page.


Windows QT Wallet
Linux QT Wallet
MAC OS Wallet
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Interested in Being a Campus Ambassador?

We are currently accepting registrations for ambassadors for
the 2021—22 academic year.

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